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Lynn Banfi began her career in bodywork twenty plus years ago in New York City where she specialized in deep tissue massage treatments for clients. Not long after, Lynn relocated to the Los Angeles area to continue to develop her skills in bodywork. She utilizes a variety of modalities, including Swedish, Shiatsu Aromatherapy, and Injury Recovery. She is especially well versed on the use of therapeutic grade essential oils for enhancing health, as well as different oils and natural products for improving the quality of one's skin.

As one of the first leaders specializing in cellulite causes and treatments, Lynn became one of the first professionals trained using a therapeutic massage machine from France, working under the direction of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Lynn was on the ground floor of the introduction of the therapeutic massage technology eleven years ago and became one of the first trainers for the manufacturer to help doctors and spas that purchased the machine understand how to use the machine in their practice or facility. Lynn went on to become the trainer for the Sorisa Dermosonic therapeutic massage machine in 2003, shortly after it had received its FDA clearance. Lynn trained over 50 locations in 2004 traversing the United States instructing doctors and spas and their staffs in the techniques and procedures for cellulite reduction.

By training doctors and spa personnel on how to use the procedure and the various technologies, Lynn witnessed first hand the remarkable results achieved from the Dermosonic¨ system. Taking her vast knowledge of bodywork and her training in Cellulite reduction using the Dermosonic¨ treatment, Lynn decided to purchase the machine and open up her own cellulite treatment center in Beverly Hills. Lynn opened Per Amore in February 2005. She and her staff perform over a 1000 treatments.


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